Tuesday, June 1, 2010

shopping parties

i love to go to shopping parties.
eat, drink, talk, shop, i just love it all.

i love the idea of helping out other women,
who want to have their own hours
and the freedom to be with their kids,
but mostly i just love to shop.

and i don't get to do that so much anymore.
or at least when i do, it just ain't that much fun.
(read - not worth it at all)
three kids can hinder a shopping experience.
i'm pretty sure that's why mm had kids.
so i couldn't shop anymore.
i digress.

recently i have been to two dud parties.
the parties themselves were fun,
but the products,
not so much.
for me anyway.
to each their own i suppose.

#1 signature home-something-or-other
i ordered some storage baskets,
which i later saw at big lots,
for WAY cheaper.

#2 romance-something-or-other
just, gah.
there are no words.
i ordered over-priced massage lotion.

*this has been a pajama mom public service announcement.*

note to self -
stick to jewelry, woman.
maybe purses.
or at least kitchen gadgets for goodness sake.

1 comment:

Cristie Ritz King said...

I'm with you on the second party. I went to one and just couldn't get over my red face enough to enjoy any of it. Gah indeed.
On another note, I've got some jewelry I'd be happy to bring to PA.:)