Monday, June 28, 2010

41 - a top ten

you know you have been married for 41 years when...

10. you can still remember every detail of your wedding day, without watching the video - which wasn't even invented yet, just sayin'.

9. he knows that she loves to travel - she knows that he loves to stay home - and it's all good.

8. she wonders how he can spend so much at big lots - he wonders how she can spend so much at marshall's - unless it's for the grandchildren - then neither wonders.

7. you know not to mention the other's age - except at the movies.

6. she has perfected the art of dropping subtle hints - for example, taking a sledgehammer to the shower walls and dumping tile out of the bathroom window means it is time for a remodel - he, over time, has perfected the art of picking up on these subtle hints.

5. she cooked and he washed dishes for 30+ years, now both know all the cracker barrel specials - by heart.

4. he knows that she will order the turkey dinner, she knows that he will order the chicken and dumplings - no one will wash the dishes.

3. he knows to buy the roses - seriously, man, just buy the roses.

2. you can forge each other's signature with alarming accuracy.

1. you can finish each other's sentences - not only because you are so attuned to each other, but because you've already heard this story - 27 times.

happy anniversary, mom and dad!
hope you get your roses.

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One Sided Momma said...

41 years - inspiring and awesome!

my in-laws just celebrated their 40th on sunday (we threw them a surprise party) and they too operate in much the same manner.