Thursday, April 8, 2010

dear trash can(s) owner

dear trash can(s)* owner,

yes, it was me. (it was i?) i crushed your trash can(s). i was following a truck when the wind from its wake plus the breeze from our beautiful spring day combined to create a swirling vortex that lifted your trash can(s) into the road. right in front of my suv. there was nothing i could do but take it head-on. totally demolished. the sound was horrific. plastic was flying. i was terrified. so was k.

i called mm, and he was all, "dude, you drive a suv. you're fine."

and i was all, "dude, that was freaky scary. i'm shaking.
should i offer to get them a new trash can(s)?"
(i do not know for sure which house they came from)

and he was all, "nah, you're fine."
(he may or may not have been in an important meeting)

so my day went on. and on. as usual.
that part is not your fault. i'm just mentioning it here.
for posterity.
i forgot all about your trash can(s).

anyway, i thought you might be secretly happy to know
that all the flying plastic -
those tiny bits i thought belonged to your trash can(s)?
well, upon further inspection,
that plastic -
(yes, the indestructible suv)

and i'm willing to bet that the cost to replace
that little strip of plastic is WAY more
than the cost of a new trash can(s).

still, i do hope one day you can
find it in your heart to forgive me.
they say time heals all wounds.

*there were in fact two trash cans.
but in the blur, i'm not exactly 100% sure if i hit one or both.
i think i may have blocked it out already.

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