Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bring your kid to work day

tomorrow is bring your kid to work day.

m is old enough to participate.
the paperwork is filled out.
she is over-the-moon excited.
like new outfit excited.
there is however,
one little problem -
she's not coming to work with me.
she's going with mm.

i don't know why this bothers me,
but it does.
way more than i thought.
most possibly because
i don't have a job.
(or a "work")

i don't have a bus ride to offer.
elevators to the 40+ floor,
starbucks in the lobby,
gyro salads for lunch,
macy's down the street,
or even a desk.

sure, i used to have these things,
but that's hard to explain to an
eight year old.
who can't wait to order her
hot chocolate.

i have laundry to wash,
bathrooms to clean,
carpets to vacuum,
messes to clean,
stains to remove,
toys to sort,
toilet paper rolls to change.

i also have groceries to buy,
lunches to pack,
dinners to make,
homework to check,
and breakfast dishes still on the table
from the morning.

you'll say i have an important job,
you'll say i'm doing great,
you'll say i'll be happy with my choice someday.

but it won't make a difference to me today.
because when it came down to it,
she easily picked the bus ride.


One Sided Momma said...

i knew it. i knew if you, crk, and i would eventually get on the same (blog) cycle. seems we're all in a funk. sucks sometimes.

then it doesn't. :)

One Sided Momma said...

correction: please omit "if" in the second sentence to aid in comment comprehension. danka.

pajama mom said...

grand funk.

Bonnie said...

I am afraid it will take parenthood or at least maturity for the progeny to really appreciate your "job". I salute you. I stayed home for over 20 years with them and I see their successes with a certain smugness. There is no substitute for present parenting, and no house running well without attention to detail. This is not to say that working parents cannot produce wonderful people. I do not regret a single diaper, dirty sink, broken glass, etc. (Of course there was the time Devon tried to magnetize the screwdriver by winding a wire around and plugging it into the wall....) My kids are stunningly wonderful adults and I most certainly take credit. Even tho none thought I was doing a "job" at the time.

pajama mom said...

thank you bonnie.
more than you know.

p.s. i agree, your kids are stunningly wonderful. :)

Cristie Ritz King said...

Ditto. Thank you Bonnie. I needed that too.
Thank you PJ for reminding me even YOU-super mom, camping, crafting extraordinaire also wish sometimes you could leave the house for the job.
FUNK it!

One Sided Momma said...

"My kids are stunningly wonderful adults and I most certainly take credit. Even tho none thought I was doing a "job" at the time."

i also have to thank Bonnie for her comment. especially b/c so many people still think just b/c we don't collect a paycheck (or the big one) we don't have a job.