Friday, July 31, 2009

signs you are on vacation

- the baby arrives at inn wearing only panties and a tank top (classy) because at the last rest stop girls' bathroom is closed for cleaning (?) and the boys are taking a terribly long time forcing you to take said baby into a port-a-potty where she ceremoniously drops the super cute pink skort to her ankles and into the sludge on the floor. ew.

- you say things like, "don't eat too many donut holes or you won't have room for ice cream."

- you obsessively spray sunscreen on anything that moves, but somehow miss the backs of your legs.

- you find yourself listing for your kids the pros and cons of public beach restrooms vs. ocean peeing. choose wisely, young grasshoppers.

- going for coffee at dunkin' more than once a day becomes an unspoken rule.

- $12 for a lobster roll is a bargain.

- fried clam strips are an acceptable breakfast food.

- a kid in the pool after a day at the beach counts as a bath.

- you learn the word "wicked" can be used to describe anything.

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