Friday, July 17, 2009

don't give me no hand me down shoes

when i was pregnant with m (the first) people were always trying to give me stuff...

big stuff - beds, exersaucers, pack n' plays, etc.
little stuff - clothes, toys, etc.

i politely declined, thinking, "me? no way! no hand-me-downs for my kid!"

i bought everything new. i hand-picked each outfit.

fast forward to third kid...

i have not purchased clothes for k in months, maybe even a year. thanks to friends and family, she has more clothes and shoes than me. definitely more swimsuits.

thanks to friends and family, m and g have lots of "new" hand-me-downs as well.

hand me a bag o' clothes. i'll take it.

i'd like to think it's because i have grown as a person.
so let me just think it.
it's also quite green of me, no?

change always comes bearing gifts. ~price pritchett

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