Monday, February 9, 2009

worst date ever

this weekend we went to the grocery store. for a date.

yes, we decided to put the kids in the eagles' nest and walk around.

we are THAT lame.

when we got there, the date quickly crumbled. the eagles' nest was full! how many desperate spouses had our same idea? all of them! so now we had three kids with us - at a grocery store. i think i've had an actual nightmare like this before...

we looked ridiculous, five people walking around together, but the kids were pretty good. they were helpful and everything!

even so, every time i caught mm's eye, i whispered the words, "worst date ever."

i also picked up several items i probably wouldn't normally purchase and dropped them into the cart.

to which mm would respond, "hey, go for it, you are on a date."

it kept us sane and laughing the whole time.

**note to self - more dates at grocery store.**

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