Friday, February 6, 2009

the good, the bad, and the ridiculous

i've been letting our weekend of splash lagoon rattle around in my mind for a few days before blogging. for a couple of reasons.

we had a fabulous time. i don't want to bog/blog that down with the annoying moments. i also don't want to sound like i am bitching about our fun family weekend.

that being said, i think i have found a way to mix the great with the not-so-much... for your review - our weekend using "the good, the bad, and the ridiculous" formula. enjoy.

saturday afternoon...

the good - m did really well at her meet. she almost qualified for sectionals. her floor routine was the best i have seen it, and her coach actually cheered out loud. that was so cool. my in-laws drove in from buffalo. they each had a kid on their lap almost the whole time, coloring, reading, etc. - this means - there were NO kids on my lap. mm found a tim horton's, which is a real treat for us.

the bad - just before the meet we stopped at wendy's. the kids were in their cutest outfits. we all had a bathroom break. k decided to take off her cute little gap hoodie and "hang" it on the bathroom floor. skeezy. i did not pack extra clothes for this event. she wore the okay turtleneck that was underneath for the rest of the day. grr.

the ridiculous - mm bought g a hot chocolate from tim horton's. because he's the most awesome-ist dad ever, that's why! g spilled it on his sweatshirt and jeans not once, not twice, but three times. the last time it also splattered on my jeans and mm's coat. i did not pack extra clothes for this event. we had burger king for dinner, but after wendy's for lunch, it just wasn't as exciting as it should have been.

saturday night...

the good - splash lagoon is pretty sweet. it is connected to the hotel. two-day passes were included in our room rate, as was breakfast. m got to run around with the gym girls, there was a giant hot tub for g, and k stayed in the kiddie pool. there were lots of slides, a lazy river, etc. i was much more relaxed than i thought i would be. bonus. the air was warm, the water was warm, it was truly like summer. g and k were exhausted by 8pm. double bonus.

the bad - i'm just not going to go into detail about germs. i'm sure it was all in my mind anyway, right?!? i let it go. pretty much. when the two little kids were exhausted, i took them back to the room. the happy little skip to the pool was not as short on the way back with two tired, wet kids. and somewhere along the way, g dropped the key. so we walked all the way back to the pool, got the other key, and walked all the way back to the room. stopping at the desk for new keys, of course. (because you KNOW the desk guy wanted to see me in my suit) still tired, still wet, and now cold. free advice - bring your own towels. the ones provided are nice, but don't cover freezing kids very well.

the ridiculous - we three snuggled in with our pjs, watching the dog show. smart daddy packed some snacks. i successfully ignored the hotel germs. then somehow k dumped her snack. i couldn't let her eat off the floor, even as tired as i was. i threw it all away with much screeching, then we all headed back out to the lobby for a new snack. (because you KNOW the desk guy wanted to see me in my pjs) k picked m&ms, which g said wasn't fair, compared to his grahams. duh. $5 later we all had suitable, chocolate, snacks. last thought for the night - k is much bigger than she was this summer - three girls in one bed is too many.

superbowl sunday...

the good - we all had chocolate muffins for breakfast, and the grownups had coffee. lots. you are seeing a trend here, with the food? very perceptive. we all went back to splash lagoon. i really can't express how fun it is. the kids played until lunchtime, when we took a break for cheese fries. and root beer. what else?

the bad - we had checked out before we went to the pool. the car was loaded except for our dry clothes. so when we were finished, we changed in the locker room. double skeezy. i wore the hot chocolate jeans. as they are now known.

the ridiculous - mm had to suffer through super bowl sunday in pittsburgh. it was awful, a post for another time... on the way home everyone said they were hungry - so we stopped at sheetz - you were expecting this already? oh good. the weekend was ceremoniously topped off with a giant BLOB of mustard from my slaw dog landing on my "best" wvu sweatshirt. and i did not pack extra clothes for this event. all i could do was giggle. out loud. and it felt good.

p.s. k has worn her swimsuit everyday since and asks 42 times a day when we are going to "spass a goon"... i have to agree, when are we going again - mm?

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