Friday, October 7, 2011

back blogging

it's been a while.
i have so much to share with you.

so many drafts!
we sold our house.
we moved 40 (count them) minutes away
from "home" for 40 days.
we closed on the house next door.
we moved in.
i started a job -
pajama mom works!

k started kindergarten.
got a concussion.

i paid for a lost ticket on the pa turnpike
$28.80 people!

everyone had croup.
gymnastics season started.
and soccer.

m got her cast off,
finished physical therapy.

and our carpet is really icky.

but there is a post that has to come first.
a post i wasn't sure i should write.
or could write.
but i did write.
i will post it later today.
then i will fill you in on all the rest.

let the back-blogging begin!
it's good to be back.


OSMA said...

Welcome back, it's so good to see you here again. I read your in a flash post and left long comment but my computer ate it. I just wanted to say how sorry I am about your loss, your children's loss and the entire community's loss. Tragedies like this shake faith, understanding, and sometimes love. I will keep this family in my prayers and hope for the remaining family member's healing. I am so sorry, PJ.

sherry said...

A job?! Yay! Where? My school? Please?!

pajama mom said...

thanks, osma. :)

i wish, miss l, i wish!