Friday, October 15, 2010

friday not so funny

i started packing.
for the kids.
3 swimsuits,
3 sweatshirts,
3 pajamas,

all in neat little rows.

when i walked by a few hours later,
the clothes were gone.

"where are all the clothes i put here?"

"i put them away."

"you put them away?"

"yes, i saw clean laundry, so i put it away."



One Sided Momma said...

that's as bad as someone (my husband) taking the dirty fork from my hand because he was loading the dishwasher. i was still using it. even now i must exhale slowly.

pajama mom said...

that made me laugh,
the hearty belly laugh.

Anonymous said...

which one(s) have you trained to put the clothes away?? sounds like he/she/they deserve some praise.

pajama mom said...

my hubby,
if it's not nailed down,
he puts it away,
or throws it away! :)

Anonymous said...

I did NOT get that gene. Oh well. I'll just train Z to clean for me. ;) La