Monday, August 10, 2009

dear bank lady

dear bank lady,

first of all, omg, could you please count that money a little faster? listening to "hoedown throwdown" for the 42nd time here.

when you motion to the lollipops, i shake my head no. you look at me like i am an alien. "are you sure?" you mouth, "they are free."

yes, i KNOW they are free.
been taking lollipops from the bank my whole life.

"no thanks." i say. she shrugs. i drive away.

isn't that enough? why can't i say no? why are you staring at me?

why (?) do i feel the need to drive thru again and explain to you...

one - my kids are beyond hungry. they need food. i've pushed this errands thing to the limit. it's after noon. we don't usually have lollipops for lunch. usually.

two - i'm trying to cut out dyes. especially red 40. yes, it's ridiculously difficult, but something i'm committed to for my kids.

three - i normally don't reward behaviors that include the baby screeching, "I WANT A LOLLIPOP, NOW!" - with a lollipop.

so back off, bank lady. 'cause i'm in charge here.

pj mom

p.s. four - and hahaha on you - we just had lollipops at the post office. dum-dums too, not like those generic-looking things in your basket...

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