Wednesday, January 11, 2012

counting buses

the road i take to work
is the same road i drove
to take the kids to preschool -
for seven consecutive years.

it is also the same road
the buses take back to the bus barn.

this morning,
i started counting buses out loud,
"one, two, three, four..."
as they passed by.
just like always.

then i realized,
no one was counting with me.
because they were all at school.

i cried - but kept counting buses.
all the way to fourteen.
old habits, i suppose.


OSMA said...


That's the sound of my heart hitting my hardwood floor.

I hope you like work.


pajama mom said...

it is actually a really good job.
i have some pocket money,
but no time to spend it.
how you do-in?

OSMA said...

Mommy's Law, forget that Murphy guy.

I'm do-in well. Ready for kindergarten baby. Not so much the summer pool bathing suit without a skirt weather that happens first but the kindergarten that will then blissfully follow....awwww yeah.

Cristie Ritz King, M. Ed said...

Hi old friends. I see this post and I see the comments and I just miss you all too much. How does the time pass so darn quickly when it feels like I'm not actually doing anything?!?!

pajama mom said...

miss you too crk!