Monday, April 18, 2011

bunny liaison

for future reference.

on saturday m made a list for the easter bunny.
it looked a little like a christmas list to me,
but i kept quiet.

she put her list in a folder and went to bed.
she also wrote a note to the tooth fairy.
and put it under her pillow.
did the tooth fairy know the easter bunny?
could she tell him what she wanted for easter?
you know, relay the message?

when she woke up the note was gone.
and in its place was her list.
from the folder.
we can therefore deduce (deduct?) that
the tooth fairy read the list
and delivered the message to the easter bunny.
case closed.

but then.
the "other two" got wind of this occurrence.
they immediately got busy writing their lists.
both looked a little like christmas lists to me,
but i kept quiet.
they schemed and hoped and wheeled and dealed,
and begged m to put their lists under her pillow last night.
along with yet another note explaining the situation.

we told them we weren't sure if the tooth fairy
did indeed know the easter bunny personally,
or if she would even be out checking
again for teeth so soon.
or she might be busy and not enjoy being
the easter bunny's bitch liaison.

no, we were assured, she delivered for m,
she would do it for them as well.
she wouldn't mind a bit.
duh, obviously.

and sure enough,
this morning the note was gone,
and their lists were moved from under m's pillow,
to the breakfast table.
much excitement followed.

so to sum up -
the tooth fairy knows the easter bunny -
they are great friends -
and apparently don't mind helping each other -
checking for teeth or delivering baskets/messages,
as needed, interchangeably.
every night.

and i can only speculate,
but the tooth fairy must be completely exhausted
all from digging a large hole trying to help a bunny out.


Anonymous said...

Oh please don't mention this to z this weekend. My life is already too complicated and I'll never get this story straight. La

Anonymous said...

i think the tooth fairy is being played like the proverbial fiddle.
papa b.

pajama mom said...

i totally agree.