Tuesday, October 14, 2008

fruitless efforts

a few days ago i stopped in to see g at lunchtime. he was drinking a milk AND a juice. i asked him where he got the juice, he said it was "free." and that he always gets one. i was alarmed - had he been taking two drinks all this time? i looked around and several of the other kids had juice also. (and all of them had two straws and were drinking milk and juice at the SAME time, um, gross.)

as i was leaving i casually asked the teacher about the juice...

"do they get to pick out juice? is it free?"
wait for it...

"it counts as a fruit."


i went home and checked the menu, the last item says, "choice of fruit." ok, so crazy me was thinking apple slices, or a banana.

at first i was upset, but then relieved, because if juice is a fruit, so are...

fruity pebbles
fruit roll-ups
fruit snacks


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